Pregnancy Sex

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November 18, 2009 by Sarah Christine Bolton

I decided it was appropriate to start this blog with a post about sex, since it’s how I ended up where I am today.

In our society, sex can be such an uptight topic. But when you are pregnant, obviously, you had to have sex to get to where you are. So, in my opinion, it gives you free rein to talk about it. A lot. Which is a good thing. Since pregnancy sex is AWESOME. If someone would have told me how good it feels, I would have been knocked up a long time ago.

On a serious note, though, E. and I have been having some intense conversations the past few days. All this is so overwhelming and scary. We are both trying to stick close together and be supportive to each other. As easy as it would be to blame him or for him to blame me, the reality is, this is our responsibility and we share it, equally.

I do think he is trying to chub me out. He keeps offering me bad treats, like cookies and Snickers bars. In fact, he “accidentally” left one in my fridge. So far, I’ve been good and resisted it. I want to be able to fit into my lingerie.

The evil Snickers bar tempting me in the fridge...

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