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November 24, 2009 by Sarah Christine Bolton

This weekend was uber crazy and busy… even though I feel like I didn’t accomplish much.

E.’s youngest daughter was sick, so I helped take care of her a little bit. I think all the hormones raging through my body are doing four things: making me want to clean really badly, making me uber mom-like with sick kids, giving me boobs for the first time ever (goodbye 32AA… Hello 34B!!), and clearing up my teenage acne (it’s about freaking time, since I’m almost 26).

Speaking of age, I’m actually quite glad that I will be 26 when I’m a mom… 25 seems way too young. 26… I can deal with that.

E. taught me some Final Cut Pro basics this weekend, so when I get too fat to move I can just roll out to the living room and edit away. Actually, it’s so I can help edit our Berlin documentary project.

Speaking of Berlin, on our way back to Memphis, we had a layover in Amsterdam. We saw this little ensemble in a store window and joked that we should buy it. Little did we know that our joking would turn serious after a pregnancy test 12 hours later…

How to dress your baby like an uber cool Amsterdamian...

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