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December 10, 2009 by Sarah Christine Bolton

I feel like one of those old people, who sit around and talk about their bowel movements. Not that I’ve been talking about mine, but I’ve definitely been thinking about them.

See, this whole pregnancy thing just screws up a lot of stuff in my midsection region. Aside from this lovely morning sickness, I have also been struggling with, well, “going.” (If you know what I mean).

I used to drink coffee in the morning, and that would usually get things moving, but these days, coffee is no longer appealing to me, at all. So, I”m left with the following options:

-Hot tea with lemon (semi-effective)
-Psyllium husk (very effective)
-Prunes (not effective at all, but super tasty)


I started off drinking psyllium husk in cranberry juice, but it tasted like grassy sludge, so I decided to take another approach. Now, I mix it in with peanut butter and honey and spread it on crackers. Cha-Ching! Tasty and effective.

Speaking of tasty, it’s so strange how food cravings now dominate my life. When I crave a turkey burger, I have to have one like RIGHT THAT SECOND. And poor E. cooked some delicious fish the other night… it smelled soooooo good when I walked in the door after a five hour rehearsal… but when I put it in my mouth, it tasted awful. I couldn’t eat it.

I did however, scarf down two potatoes. Actually, carbs are all I eat these days. I think it’s the universe’s sick way of getting revenge on my years of avoiding carbs.

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