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January 22, 2010 by Sarah Christine Bolton

So, yeah, it’s been a really long time since I’ve posted. Over a month, actually. I’ll try and summarize what’s happened since the last time I was on here:

-Told my parents the “big news.” Surprisingly, they didn’t disown me, remove me from their will, send in Pat Robertson to save my soul, or try to kidnap me and take me to a camp for pregnant teenage girls. My mom is actually really, really excited, which is cool. Plus, she has birthed at home before, so it’s nice to have her on our side.

-Speaking of the birth, we finally decided on a midwife! Or should I say midwives. Melissa, Melissa, and Martina, with Full Circle Midwifery. Very cool team, and they said that they would entertain me during labor! Plus, they have all had kids and seem mostly unscathed from the experience, so I’m hoping I will be, too.

-So glad to be in the second trimester! Bye bye morning sickness! Hello belly! I’m really starting to show now, but determined to fit into my clothes for at least a few more weeks. I also joined a gym, so I can really be diligent about working out. Gotta be a hot mama!

-Started a new job at the Memphis Business Journal. Haven’t told them I’m preggers yet, but pretty soon, my belly will do the talking for me!

-Oh yeah, and this is for E. (since I’m about to share this blog with him for the first time!). He’s pretty much a stud. My Facebook status this morning was “Early morning triple header.” Nuff said.

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