Holy Hairy Legs, Batman!


February 9, 2010 by Sarah Christine Bolton

I’ve been trying to be diligent about rubbing down my belly and breasts with lotion/oil, to avoid the dreaded STRETCH MARKS. It’s just so darn cold (snowed again this weekend), that all I want to do when I get out of the shower is layer on the sweats and squat over the space heater.

I did, however, manage to put lotion on my calves when I noticed skin flaking off. Super hot.

And then on top of the flaky skin, I realized that I my leg hair has grown into cave-man status. Actually, now it’s so long, it’s kind of soft and fluffy. I might just keep it.

As long as it’s shorter than E.’s, I’m good, right?

Actually, I’m stopping at Walgreen’s on the way home from work to by a can of shaving cream. Just writing this has grossed me out enough to actually shave.

P.S. My midwife called today and told me my iron is good! (11.6). Yeah for baby! And for me!

One thought on “Holy Hairy Legs, Batman!

  1. I love you and our lil Cylon baby 🙂

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