Oh, the Joys of Insomnia

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March 8, 2010 by Sarah Christine Bolton

So, yes, it is 5:48 a.m. I have been awake now for, oh, let’s see, over an hour. Not by choice. No, no. My body wants sleep these days more than just about anything, but unfortunately, a head cold is keeping me in misery. I took Sudafed, which apparently is just a legalized form of speed. So, here I am, blogging and freezing my ass off at 5:50 a.m.

E. and I went to an Oscar’s party last night. Took me a minute to find a cocktail dress I could actually fit into. And the one I did find has a bit of a plunging neckline, which, pre-pregnancy, didn’t really matter since my cleavage was virtually non-existent. These days, however, I have boobs galore (at least to me). It’s actually one benefit to feeling like a chub… at least I have breasts.

The baby is growing like crazy these days. My stomach feels like it’s about to burst, which also doesn’t’ help with the whole sleep thing.

Picture from the Oscar party. Note the plunging neckline…

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