11 Weeks and Counting… Quickly

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October 2, 2010 by Sarah Christine Bolton

So, my baby is 11 weeks old today. Wow. Time flies by… and I mean, it really flies. Today is just one of those days, too, where I need to remember that in a serious way. Because I feel so unaccomplished. So behind. And so emotional. I hope my period isn’t about to return. I do not miss my pre-pregnancy hormonal horror fests. I see now why some women just stay pregnant their whole lives.

Breastfeeding is such an enigma for me. I love it, I really do. I love the connection I have with baby M. I love how my body can sustain her. I love watching her get all chubby and healthy, all from the milk my breasts make. But in some ways, I feel really trapped by it, too. It’s like the “right” thing to do, that thing that you know you have to do, but it’s not really the most convenient or most fun option. I feel sometimes like I can never escape the baby. Not that I resent her, because I really don’t. I just wonder if I’ll ever have my life back and what it will feel like.

One plus: I can fit into all my jeans!! Hooray! So, yes. I might not be able to go out in public, but at least I look somewhat hot at home! I do, however, still have a couple pounds to lose. Not because I really need to (E. says my butt is perfect right now), but mostly because I need to be able to fit into all my clothes. I can’t afford a new wardrobe… plus my most favorite pair of pants EVER aren’t quite fitting yet… and they just have to. No option.

On that note, here is a cute little video with weight-loss tips.

Jennifer Lopez ain't got nothin' on me!!!

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