And My “Next Choice” Is Abstinence

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November 19, 2010 by Sarah Christine Bolton

So, E. and I were enjoying a little intimate couple time on Wednesday. We very rarely get more than 15 minutes together these days, so when baby M. went to parent’s day out, we used the opportunity to actually do it in our own bed.

Which was awesome (REALLY awesome, actually)… until we finished and E. remembered that he wasn’t wearing a condom.

Can I just say SHIT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He went out and bought the Next Choice morning after pill, but I waited until yesterday (Thursday) to take it because I was all paranoid about getting sick. So, now I’m taking it and I feel like dog turd and there is a chance that it won’t work, if on the crazy chance I had already ovulated.

My temperatures say I haven’t ovulated yet, but I’m at like day 29 in my cycle, and usually I’m about to start my period by now.

Joy. I can say one thing: This will freakin’ never happen again. I’m NOT ready to have baby number 2 anytime soon. AT ALL.


Next Choice...after the really dumb choice of no birth control.


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