Why Doing Crafts With Your Toddler Sucks

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February 3, 2013 by Sarah Christine Bolton

I started off the new year wanting to do more interactive activities with M. I actually got two craft books from Santa (AKA my mom) and I have been spending some of my precious free time reading them. Normally, the thought of engaging with in a craft project with a 2.5-year-old makes me feel like I’m having a heart attack, stroke or some combination of the two, but I’m trying to be strong.

Part of the problem is that our house is small, which means the living room is a combination playroom/hangout/sleeping/napping/craft area. In other words, it’s a cluster f***.

In spite of all the challenges, one night after a mind numbing day of dealing with toddler tantrums, I decided to try and end things on a positive note and do a craft project with M.

With baby A. in the carrier, I gathered paper, scissors, pens and tape. The goal was to make some of those cool little paper dolls it stand in a long row holding hands.

Sounds easy enough right?

Well, apparently I’m actually missing major portions of my brain, because I literally could not figure it out without step-by-step directions.

Meanwhile, M. was throwing a fit because I wouldn’t give her the scissors.

And when I finally managed to successfully make a row of rather demented looking paper dolls holding hands, she could care less.

Giving up any hope of a bonding experience over paper and glue, I handed M. the scissors and a piece of paper and proceeded to fold laundry.

I thought to myself, “Well, at least she’s practicing her her scissor cutting skills and most likely having fun.”

But you know, I’m human. I like positive affirmations.

“M., are you having fun?” I asked in a rather perky, excited voice.

And here was the moment that I realized doing crafts with your toddler sucks.

“No, mama,” she said.

P.S. I actually love doing crafts with M. Seriously. I love having an excuse to do craft projects, and we actually do have fun. 

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